Fall in love ♥️

Fall in love ❤️

Loving everything, and everyone is most of what we focus on,

When it comes to loving yourself ,

You doubt, you think, you don’t know much about it,

Here’s when I say,

Love yourself, first.

You’ll know your worth,

Indeed you’ll be shocked to see how amazing you are.

Indeed, how amazing you are ❤️


The choice 💫

When life takes you in a different direction,

When you realise this direction isn’t what you want,

There’s a leeway through this,

If at all there is,

If at all there is!

Choose, choose what is right for you.

Choice is actually very powerful,

It can mould you, mend you, break you, evolve you,

It’s choice, after all.


Universe takes care💫

The universe 💫

It’s not necessary that you have to have everything in control,

It’s not needed for everything to go right,


When things go way other than your thoughts or plans,

Just remember,

The universe has it all settled ,

Just breathe ,

Just breathe.